This is Multi Service Ondemand booking System..

DealGarnu Super App– E-commerce, Grocery, Food, Pharmacy Store & Parcel/Courier Delivery Mobile App with PHP  Backend (Customer App + Delivery Boy App + Merchant App + Website + Admin Backend)

  • Most Trending Services

    World’s Most trending Services are available on App on which an average Customer spends money without thinking much. Like Hiring a Taxi, Booking Video Appointment with Doctor, Getting Car Washed, Ordering Food & Grocery, etc. If you have services that are regularly used by Common Men in day to day life, you make more profits frequently from each Customer.

User Apps
  • iOS App for User
  • Android App for User
  • Web Panel for User
  • iOS Kiosk App for Taxi Booking
  • Android Kiosk App for Taxi Booking
  • iWatch App for Taxi Booking
Driver/Service Provider Apps
  • iOS App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Android App for Driver/Service Provider
  • Web Panel for Driver/Service Provider
Store Apps
  • iOS App for Store
  • Android App for Store
  • Web Panel for Store
  • Android Kiosk App for Food Ordering
Website & Admin Panel
  • Main Website
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing-Accounts Panel
  • Administrator Panel (Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Services, Categories, Payments, Rates, Users, Drivers, Service Providers, Stores, Reports, Revenue, Profits, Settings, etc)
Supporting Panels
  • Corporate Organization Panel
  • Hotel-Tourist Taxi Booking Panel
  • Service Provider Company Owner Panel
  • User Web Based Panel for Taxi Booking, Parcel Delivery Booking, Food & Grocery Delivery.

More Spending by Users

82 Plus Services are available for which your Customers can Pay in simplest way via one of many options which can be Credit Card, In-App Wallet, Mobile Money and Cash. If a Customer spends easily on your App, you make more commissions.

Easy Flow of Money

The money from Customers of the App goes to App Owner’s Account in simplest way in form of Commission and Subscription Fees. Stores and Service Providers get their part in the most systematic and smoothest way. Easy flow of the funds ensures less complexities in running the business.


 App Features:

  • E-Payment, credit cards integration.
  • Import data vis Excel Spreadsheet (Categories, Vendors, Menus & Products)
  • Cash on delivery and payment on pickup/delivery methods
  • Support RTL languages (Arabic etc.)
  • Dark Mode
  • Push notification using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  • Clean & organized Dart Language code using Provider
  • Easy to restyle and theming.
  • Awesome animations are ready to use: Parallax Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations
  • Working really well on both iOS and Android with support with 60 frames per second (fps).
  • Login
  • Register
  • Forgot password
  • Vendor & Product/Food search
  • Vendor/store Details
  • Products Listing
  • Product Details
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Wallet system
  • Driver WALLET SYSTEM!!!
  • Vendor Open/close time
  • Auto-assignment for orders
  • 3wordsmap 
  • Vendor Parcel skip preparing -> ready after order placement
  • User Profile
  • User Orders
  • App Settings
  • Notifications
  • Help & Supports
  • Account Settings
  • SMS Gateways – Twilio/MSG91/GatewayApi
  • Free call Between Driver and Customer 
  • Seat Share Option 
  • Ride OTP
  • Emergency Contact 

User App

  • Set pickup/Drop location by map
  • book a ride & Realtime ETA
  • Show cars on map in Realtime
  • Book A Schedule Ride
  • Save Favourite Location
  • Apply Promo codes
  • Choose Payment Method as cash/card/wallet
  • Add Money to Wallet by Debit/Credit Card
  • Localization Supports
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • SOS-Realtime Notify to admin
  • Referral Program
  • In-App chat B/W Driver & User
  • Ride History with Trip status fiter
  • Ratings & Review
  • Cancel Ride with dynamic cancellation reasons

Driver App

  • Switch Into the shift
  • Manage Documents & Approval
  • Earnings Dashboard
  • Realtime location update during On trip
  • Start Ride with Otp Feature
  • Cancel Ride with dynamic cancellation reasons
  • Add Money to Wallet by Debit/Credit Card
  • Localization Supports
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • SOS-Realtime Notify to admin
  • Referral Program
  • In-App chat B/W Driver & User
  • Ride History with Trip status filter

Admin Portal

  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Configure Needed documents
  • Roles & Permissions for admin app menus
  • Settings & Configurations
  • Geofencing & Zone creation
  • Multiple currency support by creating service location 
  • Price configuration for ride now/ Schedule ride
  • Heat Map
  • Gods Eye(Map view of drivers)
  • Trip Request Management
  • User & Driver Management
  • sos Number configurations
  • Promo code configuration
  • Surge Price & Timings
  • Cancellation Reasons Configurations
  • complaint Catgory & Complaint state Management
  • Send Custom Push Notifications to the user & driver 
  • Reports- for user,driver & Travel & Financial Reports
  • FAQ Management
  • Ratings & Review Management
  • Live Tracking each Request
  • Airport Pickup/Drop Fee Configs

Dispatcher Portal

  • Realtime Tracking drivers on Map
  • Driver filters On Map
  • Book a Ride
  • Book a Schedule Ride
  • Realtime Trip Request status
  • Detailed of each Ride


We believe in utter and total transparency for the sake of our clients. We understand that spending anything right at the beginning of a new business proposition can be intimidating. Over the past decade, we have worked with more than thousand of clients from all over the world and understood that it is always better to share exactly what you are going to provide your clients with before they make a payment towards it. This is why, we offer our clients a completely FREE downloadable demo of all our Apps. If you are interested in understanding the Gojek Clone App better, contact us and we’ll arrange a Downloadable Demo of the App from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. And then you can test the Apps. You can test the User Apps, Service Provider Apps, Website, Kiosks and the Admin Panel of the App before you spend anything on it. What’s more, unlike any other company in the market, we offer a demo of the on demand multi services app for an unlimited duration, so that you can test the App till you are absolutely satisfied.


  • 01
    View Graphical Flow

    Graphical flow of the app. Understand everything in an easy step by step way to ensure that you understand how the app works in detail before you spend a single dime on it.

  • 02
    Web Panel Visuals

    Get to experience exactly how the web panel looks right here. Take a look at the demo and understand how you can ensure that the app functions smoothly.

  • 03

    Loaded with the best features in the industry this script is the best all in one mobile application solution of NOW. We offer the best features in an all inclusive package with no Hidden Charges. 

  • 04
    Add ons and customizations

    Need more than you are offered? Don't worry at all! We bring to you the best possible customizations and add ons! Just name your requirements and we will get the most affordable pricing for you! 

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    Pricing and Purchase options

    Not a big business? Just a startup ? We have an option for you! Or are you a business giant, preparing to take over the entire market with your new app? We have the best package options for you!

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    More Info

    Robust, Easy-to-use, Feature-rich, Business-savvy Solution makes ordering different services a breeze for your users. New Features, Improved UX/UI, New Components and there is much more to explore.


Website Frontend

Website Admin panel demo


Demo user



Super App Ondemand Service Booking

Client Name
: Native Android App (Java)
Start Date
: Jan 09, 2022
End Date
: Jan 18, 2022
: Completed